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  • Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward islands in the Eastern Caribbean, lying eight miles north of the jointly Dutch and French administered island of St Maarten/St Martin.
  • The capital of Anguilla is The Valley, located towards the centre of the island.   Although under continuous British rule since 1650, Anguilla takes its name from the French word describing its shape, "anguille" meaning "eel".


  • Anguilla is a United Kingdom Overseas Territory.
  • The Government consists of a British appointed Governor, who is the representative of Her Majesty the Queen, and a constitutionally elected House of Assembly.  Elections are held at least once every five years.  Anguilla is a politically stable offshore corporate domicile.
  • Anguilla is a truly zero tax jurisdiction having no income, capital gains, estate or other forms of direct taxation on either individuals or corporations.
  • The official currency of Anguilla is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) Dollar controlled by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.  The US Dollar is also readily accepted island-wide.

Legal System

  • Anguillian law is based English common law, supplemented by legislation promulgated by the House of Assembly.
  • The court system forms part of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court with final appeal to the Privy Council in the London.
  • The jurisdiction has a modern and comprehensive package of financial services legislation which offers maximum flexibility backed up by one of the most modern computerised and interactive company registration services in the world, ACORN.
  • There are no exchange controls.

Corporate Vehicles

  • International Business Companies Act
  • Limited Liability Companies Act
  • Companies Act
  • Limited Partnership Act
  • Financial Services Commission


  • Anguilla has an excellent electronic communications network, which is maintained by Cable & Wireless.
  • The jurisdiction is well served by international banks such as The Bank of Nova Scotia.  There two indigenous banks: The National Bank of Anguilla and the Caribbean Commercial Bank both of which offer offshore services.

Anguilla's Benefits

  • There are no exchange controls
  • Anguilla is a zero tax jurisdiction
  • There is significant name availability
  • Legislation is modern
  • Specific Limited Liability Company legislation
  • Limited partnership legislation
  • Government fees are low
  • Instantaneous incorporation
  • English common law base and political stability


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